The art of passion by Garcia

In life, the choices we make give us our heart, our soul, our character. They make us who we are. The same applies to our business and brand.

We founded Garcia on the simple notion that amazing design belongs to all of us. We believe, as we’ve always believed, that everyone should be able to afford the best. That’s why our prices remain accessible even while each product is handcrafted from our collective passion — the passion for family, friends, life and love. We are Italian, after all.

“We seek to live up to the Garcia character with every single product we create.”

We’ve been working since day one to import our attitude to the rest of the world. We founded Garcia as a small company and we plan on remaining one forever — no matter how big we get. We see ourselves as a family, always seeking to do good for the world, good for our business, good for our partners and, of course, good for all our customers. We believe that in the end, character is the only thing you can really trust. To us, character is always looking forward, never back. Character is being open to all that this world has to offer. Character is falling face first into the unknown. Character is never forgetting all the people, places and adventures we experience. Character is what makes everyday interesting. Character is what makes us who we are.

We seek to live up to the Garcia character with every single product we create. What follows is an in-depth look at how we bring this character to our signature product: jeans.

Step one



We believe that knowledge is essential. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about our processes, materials and final products. To understand our products is to understand our company.

The cotton we use for our Garcia jeans is selected from the best harvests in the world. The process begins with washing and mixing the selected crop in their raw form. The reason for mixing is to combine the best characteristics from the various types of cotton. During the next phase, we stretch the cotton to enable spinning. Spinning is the process of forming the stretched cotton into yarn. When it comes to spinning, we favour ring spinning to the newer, faster methods. Call us old fashioned but we believe that traditional ring spinning gives the strongest and nicest yarns. In our process, the spun yarns are twisted into a rope that is dipped into indigo dye several times. The more often we dip it, the deeper blue it gets. After the dying process, we begin the weaving process which will result in various types of denim based weight, flexibility and colour. This denim is the foundation of every pair of Garcia jeans.

Step two



The real magic occurs when we shape our fabric into Garcia jeans. If cotton is the mother of our jeans mother then surely the pattern is the father. A standard pattern for a classic five pocket jean consists of approximately fifteen parts. We use a large, precision-balanced cutting machine to slice 100 layers of denim at a time, with the aid of a big cutting machine. Afterwards, the different parts of the jeans are marked with a special crayon for assembly. Various stitching machines are needed to breathe live into the jeans. In general, a pair of jeans will pass through 12 production steps in an average of 15 minutes.

Step three



Every pair of Garcia jeans is made unique by a number of specialty treatments carried out by hand. That’s right, we don’t leave this special part in the production up to the machines. One of our denim experts gets up close and personal to add the character that our customers expect. We have a number of entertaining and fun-to-say terms for these treatments. Here are a few: grinding, whiskers, moustache, baking, scraping and spray marble. Because of our special attention to detail, making a pair of Garcia jeans is very labour intensive. You can believe it when we say that no two pairs of our jeans are the same.

Step four



We create the classic stonewash effect on our jeans by washing them with pumice. This volcanic stone contains a lot of gas, making it lighter in weight than water. During this time, the denim is battered to alter their appearance and texture. The amount of time that a pair of jeans is washed will determine the level of fading. This process usually lasts between thirty minutes and six hours. The different type of washes that we use are called Dark Stone, Medium Stone, Stone Wash Bleach and Rinse Wash. After the wash the jeans are almost ready to wear. But not before one final check.

Step fixe



The final step in the process in ensuring that every single pair of jeans lives up to the Garcia standard of quality. We inspect them closely and aren’t afraid to chuck out the ones that aren’t fit for our customers. Once a pair has passed the test, we remove any loose bits of yarn and material. We then add the buttons, zippers, rivets and labels — the essential details that give our jeans their character. Last but not least, the hang tags and pocket plasters are attached. Now the jeans are ready for packing and shipping. We always hope that the final destination will be your wardrobe.

Step six



We believe that responsibility is character and vice versa. That’s why we ensure that our factories provide humane working conditions for their workers. We oppose the use of child labour. It’s our view that children are meant to learn, play and have fun.

Garcia Joined the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) in 2013 to make sure our partners work according an international code of conduct. The BSCI was founded by the Foreign Trade Association, Europe’s premier association for trade policy and global supply chains. More than 1000 companies are member of the BSCI today with the goal to improve working conditions in the global supply chain within the textile industry. Next to voluntarily joining the BSCI, we regularly visit our factories to make sure that we and our partners are on exactly the same page.

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